TWO Potential Airdrops and Why You Should Care

TWO Potential Airdrops and Why You Should Care

Ever since I received the Arbitrium (ARB) airdrop a few months ago, I have been actively hunting for new airdrops. The beauty of airdrop is that you can have the potential to earn many X returns compared to buying and selling your usual coins. Most of all, you do not need a large capital for most airdrops. All you need is patience and determination.

Recently, rumours have been flying around for Arkham airdrop. Lord and behold, the airdrop came this week! However, I believe that there is still a potential for a second airdrop as shared by Airdrop Official Telegram group! But first, let us understand the basics of Airdrop. Skip to Arkham Intelligence if you are already familiar with it.

What are Airdrops?

The feeling of cloud 9 when I received the ARB airdrop, and posted it on my Insta straight HAHA

Airdrops are a distribution of coins by a startup to the community as a form of reward for using their blockchain project. Certain projects such as Linear will require you to complete certain tasks to qualify for their reward, while others may reward their users based on user activity. I prefer the latter as it is usually more straightforward and is a healthier way to reward natural users rather than using the airdrop hype to gain user counts.

When I received the ARB airdrop, I only committed a small amount to stake and compounded my GLP on GMX. (GLP is a basket of crypto assets including BTC, ETH and stablecoins). I was genuinely interested in using their features without knowing there will be an airdrop and was rewarded in kind. Many users were also awarded similar or even higher amounts depending on how much they have interacted with the ecosystem, the volume transacted and other criteria.

Arkham Intelligence

Let’s look at Arkham, which has been a useful tool for VCs/wallet tracking besides the airdrop potential. Arkham Intelligence is an early-stage startup, their platform provides users with tools to track and analyse blockchain data. Some have speculated that they have relations with CIA/Pentagon but that is another story for another time. There are many ways you can utilise the platform, but here is how I use it:

  1. Track the flow of funds in a particular project to see if it is legitimate or if it is a scam.
  2. identify whales, which are large cryptocurrency holders who can have a significant impact on the market.
  3. Track your own cryptocurrency transactions or holdings.
  4. Track and identify Venture Capital (VC) holdings and their activities.

The last point is the most important to me since it provides in-depth insights into what they are up to. This is one of the upsides of a decentralised world, where all the information is available at your fingertips, unlike the traditional finance world.

Arkham platform – a detailed insight to Blockchain Capital’s holdings

Here you can see that Blockchain Capital, one of the VCs, is holding coins like UNI, SUSHI and BAL in their portfolio, which could mean that they are bullish on AMMs (decentralised exchanges). You can also take a look at their transactions. Under outflow, you can find out which wallet they are using to transact and dive deeper to find out where it is going.

All these may look complicated, but you do not necessarily need to know all the functions to qualify for a future ARKM airdrop. The previous airdrop qualifier was simple; be registered and submit a wallet address for the airdrop. You get more points if you had used the platform features and invited users.

ARKM Initial supply allocation. Note the 37%
Only 3% of the incentives have been distributed, There still is 34% of supply left for possible airdrops.

Thanks to the information shared by Airdrop Official group, we now know that only 3% out of the 37% initially allocated for user incentives were used. It was also mentioned that it is just the “first” airdrop. Could it be a hint? Who knows. But this is a clear sign for me to share it here so that more people may qualify. AM EXCITED FOR YALL TOO!

How to qualify for ARKM airdrop

Knowing that here’s what you can do to set yourself up for future airdrops:

  1. Sign up for the platform with your friend’s referral link or mine.
  2. Add a few wallets/entities for more points, Blockchain Capital and Jump Trading are some examples. Play around with the features.
  3. Share your invite link with your friends! Referring users will accrue points which could be potentially a requirement for future airdrops.

That’s it! Easy to do, a 10-minute process that earns you a potentially unlimited upside. Worth it to me, do you think? 😊 Note that this is not a proof of guaranteed airdrop.

DeBank airdrop

Since you have stayed till the end, let me reward you with another tip, Debank, a DeFI portfolio tracker, may be having an airdrop of its own soon too. Make sure to use their Stream feature! Nothing is confirmed though, use the info what you will. It is a very useful tool though if you frequently used DeFi apps.

Getting started?

Many airdrops could be worth way more than Arkham but I think this is one of the easiest to obtain. If you are interested in other airdrops such as ZKSync or MASK or are interested to get started in crypto but don’t know what the hell is going on, visit Careyourpresent or join Tele groups like Investing Beanstock (Luv their discussions) or Chain Debrief for their updated crypto news. They are one of the more reliable, active bloggers/community groups in the crypto space, got most info from them too.

For my previous meme coin experience, read up here. Let me know if you want more content like this and check out my Instagram for more personalised updates!

As always, this is not financial advice, all content on this site is for educational purposes only, so make sure to do your research before jumping in.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT anyhow click on links, make sure to DYOR to check every single link, button, or download before you click on it. There is only one true Arkham site here and their twitter. Many scam accounts are going around, please be careful guys!

Thanks for sticking around! For more crypto alpha, follow me on Twitter or follow me on Instagram for personal finance matters that you don’t want to miss out on!

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