RoboAdvisors Performance June 2021-Syfe/Stashaway/DBS Digiportfolio

Performance April 2021-Syfe/Stashaway/DBS Digiportfolio

14 June 2021

Missed the May update as I have been busy with work and studies, nothing much has changed in performance., with a surprising rise in DBS’s Digiportfolio.

I have invested in three Robo-advisors in Singapore since Jan 2021 – Syfe, Stashaway and DBS Digiportflio. Three months is hardly an indicator of success. However, I shall update my progress here monthly so that you guys can have a clearer understanding of each platform.


StashAway 22%

The 22% inception date was in Jan, while 36% is a new addition in Feb. 

Stashaway 36%


Syfe delivers good returns as usual.

Syfe E100

DBS Digiportfolio

Inception date: Jan 2021. 

DBS Digiportfolio, Asia, Level 4


That is it for June’s performance, I will update monthly so that you can track their performance. I will also be doing an in-depth review of the Robos in detail. Feel free to leave a comment or feedback.

To sum it up, Robo advisors are well-rounded investment platforms catered for those who are new to investments (like me) or have limited time to actually do stock pickings. Definitely worth your time to check it out!

If you have not signed up for any of the Robos, do use my referrals below and get your management fees waived for the first few months!

Stashaway – First $10,000 SGD fee’s waived for 6 months. Sign up here!

Syfe- Get a fee waiver on first $30,000 investment using my referral code: SRPRDR9KS

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