RoboAdvisors Performance July 2021-Syfe/Stashaway/DBS Digiportfolio

RoboAdvisors Performance July 2021-Syfe/Stashaway/DBS Digiportfolio

19 July 2021

Here are the updates for this month’s Robo-advisors – Syfe, Stashaway and DBS Digiportfolio, started since around Jan/Feb 2021. Keeping it simple. Hope it helps you to make a decision!


Stashaway 22%

I have recently withdrawn all my cash for Stashaway 22% risk as i felt it was underperforming. I no longer have a need for 22% as I have unlocked the 36% risk. Therefore, the money will be put elsewhere in my DIY for better uses. No point paying management fees twice.

Stashaway 36%

The 36% is still stagnant from KWEB’s downwards performance, no improvement here. I will keep this still to test the performance in the long run.


Syfe Equity100 has always been a good choice! due to its user friendly UI and impressive return of close to 9% in just half a year. That is close to S&P500 return annually! I have yet to paid fees for this platform yet as I have used my friend’s referal code, giving me 6 months exemption from management fees. For those new, you may find the code below.

Syfe Equity100
No fees!

DBS Digiportfolio



All three platforms have their own pros and cons which I will cover more next time! Feel free to leave a comment or feedback.

Robo advisors are well-rounded investment platforms catered for those who are new to investments (like me) or have limited time to actually do stock pickings. Definitely worth your time to check it out!

If you have not signed up for any of the Robos, do use my referrals below and get your management fees waived for the first few months!

Stashaway – First $10,000 SGD fee’s waived for 6 months. Sign up here!

Syfe- Get a fee waiver on first $30,000 investment using my referral code: SRPRDR9KS

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