End of Year performance update on Robo-advisors Syfe, Stashaway- Dec 2021

End of Year performance update on Robo-advisors Syfe, Stashaway and DBS Digiportfolio- Dec 2021

29 December 2021

We are coming to the end of the year! It has been a wonderful FI journey with ups and downs. I am glad I started this blog to share my experience with you all.

Some of the wonderful things I have been dabbling and researching into all these while is Crypto and the blockchain. I am super optmistic about the Crypto space and look foward to sharing with you all my play-to-earn experience as well as staking and many more!

Made new friends, lost another. Memories were made, tears were dropped. But all hope is not lost, for I am grateful for what I have.

-Yong Hui (shamelessly qoutes ownself)

I hope 2021 has been a good year for you all and you will strive to be a better person in 2022!

For the past few months, I have Dollar Dost Average (DCA) into my Robos biweekly.

Let’s jump right into the updates!


Stashaway 36%
Stashaway 36%


Syfe’s Equity 100 performance dropped a bit thanks to the recent market correction.

Syfe equity100
Syfe Equity100


Despite the difference in performance, all three platforms have their own pros and cons which I will cover more next time!

Robo advisors are well-rounded investment platforms catered for those who are new to investments (like me) or have limited time to actually do stock pickings. Definitely worth your time to check it out!

If you have not signed up for any of the Robos, do use my referrals below and get your management fees waived for the first few months!

Stashaway – First $10,000 SGD fee’s waived for 6 months. Sign up here!

Syfe- Get a fee waiver on first $30,000 investment using my referral code: SRPRDR9KS

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