RoboAdvisors Performance August 2021-Syfe/Stashaway/DBS Digiportfolio

RoboAdvisors Performance August 2021-Syfe/Stashaway/DBS Digiportfolio

19 July 2021

Roboadvisors are great! They automate your investments and diversify your holdings. Since the start of the year, I am invested in Syfe, Stashaway and DBS Digiportfolio, it has a been a fruitful 6-8 months journey!


Stashaway 36%

Since the withdrawal of Stashaway 22% last month as mentioned here, KWEB has dropped further, so far the lowest drop I have seen so far- Negative $90. However, I am not worried as this is a long time investment and I am bullish on China tech stocks. Let it run it’s course bah…


Syfe has reached SNP level returns Last month, it was 8-9%, now it is close to S&P500 annualised return of 10%. Impressive!

Syfe Equity100

Reits are doing well too!


DBS Digiportfolio

DBS has been meh also, the furthest drop I have seen for Digiportfolio this month.



Despite the difference in performance, all three platforms have their own pros and cons which I will cover more next time!

Robo advisors are well-rounded investment platforms catered for those who are new to investments (like me) or have limited time to actually do stock pickings. Definitely worth your time to check it out!

If you have not signed up for any of the Robos, do use my referrals below and get your management fees waived for the first few months!

Stashaway – First $10,000 SGD fee’s waived for 6 months. Sign up here!

Syfe- Get a fee waiver on first $30,000 investment using my referral code: SRPRDR9KS

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