Portfolio update September- Roboadvisors, crypto and more!

Portfolio update September- Roboadvisors, crypto and more!

I have recently learned about the envelope budgeting strategy, and will share more about it in the  upcoming months… have school work to catch up on! For now, here’s a quick update.


Syfe E100
Staskaway 36%

Robo-advisors are a great way to DCA into the market and automate my investments, they provide great diversification with auto rebalancing. About 5% of my income goes straight into these two. Just set a standing instruction in your bank and you are good to go, fuss-free!

My portfolio

On the other hand, my portfolio hasn’t been doing so well. Although half of my portfolio is down. I am unfazed and remain confident that the market will rise in the long run. As the quote goes,
“Bull markets makes you money, but bear markets make you rich.” Every dip is an opportunity! For what I lost; I gained in experience. Comment down below if your portfolio is also down underwater!

My DIY portfolio – Stockscafe


Tracking my crypto portfolio is a nightmare, luckily there is a free tool that summarises my DeFi holdings, with the rest in exchanges, individual wallets or my Trezor wallet. I have added more FOLD to my portfolio, courtesy of Investing Bean Stock. Also added more Atom, ETH, and Link. It has been a rather chill week after the merge (surprisingly), with more opportunities to buy!

DeFi portfolio


Nothing out of the ordinary, just chill and DCA a set amount that you are comfortable with. If it crashes, you know what to do…buy more! My next DCA date is in October, as per my strategy to do it Bimonthly. October- December has been known to be a bull market and stocks will usually rise…or will it? Let’s find out in Oct!

If you have not signed up for any of the Robos, do use my referrals below and get your management fees waived for the first few months!

Stashaway – First $10,000 SGD fee’s waived for 6 months after you deposit. Sign up here!

Syfe- Get a fee waiver on first $30,000 investment using my referral code and link: SRPRDR9KS

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