Portfolio update on Robo-advisors Syfe and Stashaway – May 2022

Portfolio update on Robo-advisors Syfe and Stashaway – May 2022


Let’s take a look at how our Robos performed in this bear market.

Strategy: DCA $50 each every two weeks (Syfe)

I have stopped DCA for Stashaway as I am looking to close it down soon.

Market situation: Bearish

You may refer to my previous updates for a performance comparison that includes DBS Digiportfolio.

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Syfe Equity 100

Highest ATH return: 10%

Current returns: -5.3%%


Stashaway 36%

Highest Returns: 2%

Current Returns: -19%

Should you sell?

The answer is probably NO…unless you hit one of these few reasons:

  • You no longer believe in Robo’s investing strategy.
  • You found a better pick for your funds, maybe you think Tesla is a better bet or VWRA is much more cost-effective.
  • You need money urgently (this shouldn’t be the case if you have to keep emergency savings and only invest what you can lose)

Notice that none of the reasons state poor performance or low returns as a selling factor…why?

Because markets are inherently volatile, there are upturns to every downturn. According to a study, the average duration of a bear market is 1.4 years, while an average bull market can last for 9.1 years. Therefore, you shouldn’t be hasty and make a decision on a whim just based on the price alone. As the saying always goes, time in the market over timing the market!


I hope you gain a better understanding into these two Robos! Do carry out your own research before you commit your hard earned money.

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