Performance update on Robo-advisors Syfe and Stashaway – October 2021

Performance update on Robo-advisors Syfe and Stashaway – October 2021


Hello friends and dear readers! It has been a busy time for me lately as I need to complete my assignment for school on top of my work, apologies for the slow updates. For my in depth views on Robo-advisors please check it out here.


Syfe Equity 100

It has been a long journey with Syfe since the start of the year, have closed my REITs portfolio to focus on just Equity100 and my DIY investments. I felt that REITs were too slow for my taste, I prefer growth to passive dividends. Besides, my capital was too low for the dividends to be a significant amount (I would recommend at least 10k or more).

You may refer to my previous updates for a performance comparison between this two portfolio.


Stashaway 36%

This is one portfolio I am considering to close down too in my move to be independent from Robo-advisors. Despite it’s popularity in Singapore, it may not be a good choice for me as the management fees are rather high with subpar performance. Do note that many users reported a higher rate for Stashaway portfolio in 2020, so it is not a consistently bad performance. A food for thought!

The performance is just a small factor. What I dislike is that their ERAA strategy keeps changing (from gold allocation to china equities), sometimes it makes little sense. I can put this money to use better off elsewhere.


I hope you gain a better insight into these two Robos! My DCA strategy is$50 every two weeks ($100 a month) to take advantage of the market volatility.

If you have not signed up for any of the Robos, do use my referrals below and get your management fees waived for the first few months!

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