Performance update on Robo-advisors Syfe and Stashaway – November 2021

Performance update on Robo-advisors Syfe and Stashaway – November 2021


Hello friends and dear readers! It is time for another performance update! Each of these Robosadvisor has come a long way since the start of the year. It has been a relatively hands free approach, since I have set a recurring standing instruction to DCA $50 each every two weeks to take advantage of the market volatility. Do note that these performance is caputred on 27 Nov, a day after the market dipped a little thanks to the new Covid variant.

You may refer to my previous updates for a performance comparison that includes DBS Digiportfolio.

For more in depth views on Robo-advisors, please check it out here.


Syfe Equity 100


Stashaway 36%


I hope you gain a better insight into these two Robos! Do carry out your own research before you commit your hard earned money.

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