HNY!!! 2023 Portfolio Review & Reflections

Portfolio Review

“Happy New Year, folks!!! A bit late as I was too busy binge watching Sweet Home, but here’s my market reflection and portfolio review…

2023 has been quite an awesome year for me in terms of market performance, but also a roller coaster ride. It was also a good year to accumulate SSB as part of my long-term funds and T-bills for my CPF. The high-interest rate environment saw the yield for Money market funds, products like Syfe Cash+ and Chocolate Finance go up, hovering between 3.5 – 4.5% on average, decent returns!

Portfolio Review

On the equities market, many of my 2021 stock positions are still underwater (looking at you BABA). 😛 As you can see, my YTD performance is awesome, but my inception performance is shite, showing that its not all rosey on the outside haha! That’s the reality of the market; some years you will underperform, and other years you will outperform.

Portfolio Review

What really carried my portfolio like a boss was SMH and COIN, which I bought just a few weeks before it pumped. Coinbase was a no-brainer pick for me since I am bullish on crypto, but Semiconductors is a lucky move, coming from a guy who is horrible at market timings. xD

A small pump, but I am still happy. I still stock pick now and then, but with small positions and only 1 or 2 stocks. Most of my time is spent on crypto anyway. Speaking of which…

crypto networth

I don’t have a PnL performance data for crypto as I found it is much easier to track capital vs. current value. I am sooo excited for the ETF approval and BTC halving to take place though, it will an awesome year! AI and Gaming sector coins will explode, just gotta wait patiently. If you are interested to know more about crypto, do follow me on X/Twitter, link in bio!” (NFA)

I think 2024 will see an explosion in stock and crypto markets, but also a very volatile year ahead. Many millionaires will be made, but also tears will be shed. Most importantly, stick to your strategy, have patience and you will be rewarded. As a wise quote goes, “Opportunities are everywhere; you just have to be ready for it when it comes.” Let’s go through it together, huat ah!

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