CPF interest – from 3 to 4 digits!

CPF interest – from 3 to 4 digits!

Whoo, CPF interest is finally in! It’s pretty exciting to watch the numbers grow even though you can’t really touch it. 😃

I have charted the CPF total net worth (with interest) against all principle contributions in the chart and can finally start to see the effect of compounding, I expect to see the lines diverge more as time grows. I’m quite happy to see the annual interest finally broke the 4-digit mark, from $700 last year to $1.3k. It ain’t much but it’s honest work!

It’s funny now that I think back to last year when I used to not give a damn about money, now I am tracking the numbers in spreadsheets and making fancy charts.#nerd🙊 Look forward to next year’s interest!

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