10% Cashback?

10% Cashback?

Revolut 10% cashback campaign

Remember the 20% Revolut public transport campaign? It’s back again! This time Revolut’s new campaign offers a cashback of 10%, capped at $10 each month, eligible to both new and existing cardholders. It is still the highest cashback rate compared to most credit cards and no minimum spend is required, a good way to fight inflation and fare hikes. Unlike previous times where you need to do a bank transfer of a minimum of $300, there are no rules this time round regarding bank transfers.

The only requirement is that you must make transactions using your Revolut card for at least 10 days within March 2023 on eligible public transport (don’t take Grab and expect 10% cashback with this ah – only bus and MRT).

This campaign runs from 1st to 31st March. Will this campaign last more than a month like previous times? I sure hope so, I noticed they stated in their Tnc, ‘SGD$10 each month’. More to come, heh? We shall find out soon.

I have also shared my previous experience with Revolut’s campaign here.

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2 thoughts on “10% Cashback?

  1. Hi, the T&C seems to state that
    “Your cashback will be 10% of the amount you spend on public transport, capped at a maximum of SGD$10 each month. The exact percentage you will earn depends on the method you used to top up your account that month, and the amount you topped up.”

    Perhaps there are topup requirements, maybe they will reveal in March what are the required bank topup amounts to do, if any?

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